Tina Peters embraced conspiracy theories. Officials say she has become an insider threat.

Mesa County, Colo., Clerk Tina Peters is accused of sneaking an unauthorized person into her office to make copies of Dominion voting-machine hard drives — copies that later ended up online and in the hands of conspiracy theorists.
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Trump lost — but his lawyers say law does’t apply to him now ‘as the 45th President of the United States’

Legal experts laughed at Donald Trump’s latest court filings in his battle against Twitter.Reuters legal correspondent Brad Heath reports “Trump’s lawyers told a federal court tonight that Twitter’s forum-selection agreement — which requires that he sue the company in California (not Florida,…

“Trump has gotten so used to ignoring the law that he thinks it doesn’t apply to him anymore,” former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti said. “Any lawyer signing their name to a pleading making that assertion should be embarrassed.”
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Anti-Vax Politician Madison Cawthorn Got Roasted For Saying Americans Have A ‘Constitutionally Protected’ Right To Fly In Airplanes

Amazingly, federally-regulated airline travel didn’t come up in the centuries-old US Constitution.

Madison Cawthorn, a federal employee playing an important part in the democratic process as an elected official in the US House of Representatives, seems to know staggeringly little about how government actually works. Especially the US Constitution.
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