Grifting The MAGAts Is So MAGA — Mike Lee, Burgess Owens are raising money for Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign — and keeping half of the cash

Utah Sen. Mike Lee is raising money on behalf of Herschel Walker ahead of Tuesday’s Senate runoff election in George. The fundraising email warns potential donors that Walker’s election over Democrat Sen. Rafael Warnock could be the final bulwark against President Joe Biden’s agenda. It’s not immediately apparent to donors that half of the money they contribute will go to Walker’s campaign, while Lee keeps the other half.
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Georgia MAGA candidate who complains of election fraud is accused of, er, election fraud

A 56-year-old talk show host and MAGA candidate (not to mention felon) running for Georgia State Senate has suitably complained that the 2020 election was stolen. But the only election crime he can actually point to is his own alleged voter fraud. Brian K. Pritchard, who in 1996 pleaded guilty to two counts of forgery…
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GOP Plan To Make The TCJA’s Individual Tax Cuts Permanent Would Boost The Debt By More Than $3 Trillion

TPC estimates more than 60 percent of the benefits would go to the highest-income 20 percent of households, with more than 40 percent going just to those in the top 5 percent, who will make about $400,000 or more in 2026.
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Elon Musk’s Twitter just suspended the account of antifascist researcher @chadloder likely to suppress reporting on right-wing extremists