Reminder: Trump’s Afghanistan Airstrikes Increased Civilian Deaths by 330% Since 2016

Trump conducted more drone strikes in his first two years than Obama had in eight; in Afghanistan, civilian deaths from drone strikes more than tripled.

Civilian deaths skyrocketed in Afghanistan under Trump, whose administration relaxed the rules of engagement for airstrikes, a new study shows.
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One in 538: Map sparks fight over electoral vote in Nebraska

Nebraska is one of only two states that divides its Electoral College votes by congressional district, rather than a winner-take-all system. That allowed President Joe Biden to claim one of the state’s five electoral votes last year, even as he lost Nebraska by 20 percentage points.

Now Republicans in Nebraska’s legislature are proposing splitting up the 2nd Congressional District, the one Biden won, in their new map. The change would make the swingy district surrounding Omaha, the state’s largest city, more Republican. It would also make it harder for a Democratic presidential candidate to win.
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Outrage Grifters Hyperventilating

It’s understandable that the outrage grifters hyperventilating about the US leaving Afghanistan “A DAY EARLY!!!!!” don’t know what date it is in Afghanistan. They never bothered to go there in the last two decades.