Police Turn on Hidden Cameras, Turn Off Fourth Amendment

If neighbors surrounded your home with spy cameras and monitored all your comings and goings for 18 months, you might call it stalking or something worse. Yet that’s what the police did to Travis Tuggle without a warrant. His attorneys are seeking U.S. Supreme Court review. Joshua Windham and Daryl James with the Institute for Justice look at constitutional issues.
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After lengthy legal battle. the DEA reluctantly returns innocent man’s life savings

The Drug Enforcement Administration, well-known for its internal corruption, corrupting influence on others, racism, and making the world less equitable and more violent, begrudgingly returned $30,000 it took from Kermit Warren, “an out-of-work shoeshine man from New Orleans, was carrying nearly $30,000 in cash through the airport in Columbus, Ohio,” reports NBC News
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