The report shows for the first time that the federal government independently found structural problems with the privately funded border fencing, which is at risk of collapse during major flooding.

The report confirms a ProPublica and Texas Tribune investigation that found the privately built fencing could collapse during major flooding. The federal government resisted making the findings public for more than a year.
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Phony free-speech advocate Elon Musk bans prominent left wing Twitter accounts

Right-wingers hail Elon Musk as a champion of free speech. He frequently boasts of his opposition to censorship in all forms and claims to defend the right of individuals to express their opinions, no matter how controversial they may be. In reality, Musk does not support free expression as much as he pretends to and…
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Elon Musk’s Twitter just suspended the account of antifascist researcher @chadloder likely to suppress reporting on right-wing extremists

institutional Groomers — Texas teacher suspended after declaring white racial superiority to class

A teacher in Pflugerville, Texas, was filmed telling students that he believed in white racial superiority: “Deep down in my heart, I’m ethnocentric, which means I believe my race is the superior one.” He’ll not be teaching them anything else, though, as administrators suspended him after the tape went viral.
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