Republican Paul Gosar blasts Kevin McCarthy and RNC chairwoman: ‘For the love of everything holy’

The “America First” message pushed by former President Donald Trump is colliding with the GOP’s longstanding opposition to communism.The schism was revealed on Saturday when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy praised the Cubans protesting their government.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), known as white supremacists’ favorite congressman, publicly disagreed.
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As lawsuits stack up, records show police fired at least 4,000 rubber bullets during riots

At Americans during demonstrations

New data obtained by 5 INVESTIGATES shows law enforcement fired more than 4,000 rounds of less-lethal munitions at protesters and rioters in the days after George Floyd’s death, some causing significant injuries…. See more videos about Videos, Murder of George Floyd, Policing, Law Enforcement, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Hennepin County.
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