Justices to decide if charge fits Minneapolis police killing

Reminder – police killing = the police are killing

The Minnesota Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Wednesday in the case of Mohamed Noor, a former Minneapolis police officer who was convicted of third-degree murder in the shooting death of an Australian woman who had called 911 to report a possible sexual assault behind her home.
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Trump corruption of DOJ lingers under Merrick Garland; risks setting dangerous precedent

Rachel Maddow reviews the abuse of the Department of Justice by Bill Barr in sacrificing justice to serve the political needs of Donald Trump, and notes that rather than cleaning the department with accountability for indulging that corruption, Attorney General Merrick Garland is apparently punishing none of it and even continuing some of it, risking a precedent that will surely be embraced by the next corrupt president. (*edited for length from original broadcast)
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Just thinking about how after this photo ran Wall Street Journal columnists spent more time criticizing me for not smiling enough than asking Manchin precisely what areas of “common ground” he had in mind when he stood up for the GOP.

Turns out voter suppression was one of them!


Maryland and Montana Pass the Nation’s First Laws Restricting Law Enforcement Access to Genetic Genealogy Databases

Last week, Maryland and Montana passed laws requiring judicial authorization to search consumer DNA databases in criminal investigations. These are welcome and important restrictions on forensic genetic genealogy searching (FGGS)—a law enforcement technique that has become increasingly common and…
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Acting Mayor Kim Janey Fires Boston Police Commissioner

But she didn’t leave it there. Janey said she will go ahead with plans to require background checks for all Boston police leadership positions, will update the department’s 15-year-old domestic violence policy and form what looks suspiciously like a police reform task force: a committee of residents, public safety advocates, and law enforcement officials to help define what the city wants from its police leadership.

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