Mehdi Hasan on the most dangerous Republican member of Congress

It’s not Marjorie Taylor Greene. It’s not Matt Gaetz. The most dangerous Republican member of Congress is Paul Gosar, who is now closely aligned with a white nationalist leader banned from Twitter. Jennifer Gosar, Rep. Paul Gosar’s sister, and Professor Kurt Braddock join Mehdi Hasan to discuss the danger of Paul Gosar.
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Justice Department releases videos of 1/6 cop-dragging attack near pro-Trump rioter who died

America’s Toxic Touristing Terrorists

The Justice Department released new police body camera footage Friday showing one of the most disturbing assaults during the Capitol insurrection — where three officers waded into the crowd to save a pro-Trump rioter who was trampled, only to be stripped of their protective gear, dragged down a set of stairs and attacked with crutches, flagpoles, batons and bare hands.
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Secret Service charged almost $10,200 for room used by agents protecting Trump in May. – The Washington Post

America’s grifter keeps on grifting

Trump charged the Secret Service another $10,200 to rent rooms at Bedminster in May, records show.

He’s now charged the service more than $50,000 since leaving office, turning his protectors — and US taxpayers — into a steady source of revenue.
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The Billionaire Playbook: How Sports Owners Use Their Teams to Avoid Millions in Taxes

“We play the Star Bangled Banner before each game, you want us to pay taxes too?”

Owners like Steve Ballmer can take the kinds of deductions on team assets — everything from media deals to player contracts — that industrialists take on factory equipment. That helps them pay lower tax rates than players and even stadium workers.
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Cambridge School Board Reinstates Indian nickname/logo

Indoctrinating America’s Youth

Just one week after the controversial school nickname (Indians) and mascot (a Woodland Indian head) were retired, and despite heavy opposition from many in the community, the Cambridge School Board voted 3-2 Wednesday night to resurrect the Indians.. See more videos about Videos, Boston, Massachusetts, New England, Capital District (N.Y.), New York State.
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Unemployment benefits: Did the $300 boost cause the worker shortage?

GOP talking-point math lesson

The 60-year-old unemployed travel agent used to make around $7,000 a month working in Gainesville, Florida. But since losing her two jobs at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, she has relied on the state’s unemployment benefit, which tops out at $275 a week, an amount equal to what Antoine used to make in two days.

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White Man Seen Cursing Black Neighbors Faces More Charges

“Free the Whites!” – Certain Rave and Drool group member who will not be named because he’s a snowflake, but all 10 of us know who it is

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. (AP) — A white man captured on video in New Jersey calling his Black neighbors racist slurs and arrested on harassment charges now faces weapons, stalking and drug charges, prosecutors said Thursday.
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