Hundreds of PPP Loans Went to Fake Farms in Absurd Places – GOP oversight

An Ocean County, NJ, resident contacted @ProPublica after seeing his name attached to a Kabbage loan for a nonexistent “melon farm.”

That was just the beginning.

We found 378 loans worth $7M to fake companies in dozens of states.

An online lending platform called Kabbage sent 378 pandemic loans worth $7 million to fake companies (mostly farms) with names like “Deely Nuts” and “Beefy King.”

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Lock him up! Why is repeat offender Donald Trump still a free man?

King Alfred was reduced to skulking in a Somerset bog. A distraught Napoleon talked to coffee bushes on St Helena. Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia hung around the haberdashery department of Jolly’s in Bath. Uganda’s Idi Amin plotted bloody revenge from a Novotel in Jeddah. 

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Amy Donofrio can’t contact students amid an inquiry into her BLM flag

Amy Donofrio hung a Black Lives Matter flag at Robert E. Lee High as a sign her class was a safe place to talk about race. She is under investigation.

Long before George Floyd was killed – and many Americans turned a serious eye toward acknowledging, understanding and even uprooting systemic racism – English high school teacher Amy Donofrio was encouraging her students in Jacksonville, Florida to push for equality and empowerment, for justice and personal achievement.

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